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Ok so...

2009-09-15 20:27:31 by MuzikProd

With the disbantion of Muzik Productions I can finnally make posts about my music and whatnot.
Unfortunetly, this time its bad news... kinda.
As you know, I havnt been posting anythng latly. One reason, no inspiration.
I have one song finished just because i was bored so ill be putting that up and im working on another so you can expect at least 2 songs coming up in the near future.
Anyway, It seems that hanging on is taking a long time to do a RD. 2 of but i assure u it will be here eventually. it also seems that rd. 1 is doing faily well and its score contiunes to rise! w00t.

Anyway, just thought i would letchya kno wats goin on.

EDIT: BTW, I dont like my artist name, its yucky, so im making a new account soon. But i have no idea what to change it to. any sudjestions?


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2009-09-15 20:53:48

Put two random adjectives together for your new name.

I suggest GlowingFurious.

MuzikProd responds:

nice idea but dont ya think short names are more catchy? ill still put ur idea into consideration


2009-09-15 21:32:23

A long name can be just as catchy as a short one if it's good enough. Think how forgettable a small name can be. :)

MuzikProd responds:

not all short names are forgettable, long names are hard to remember. just think of envy his/her name is very rememberable!