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2009-09-23 15:26:48 by MuzikProd

I've taken down Hanging On and Monolithic Remix because of complaints about them not being original enough to be considered my own remix.
I'll be posting new 100% original remixes of these song sometime this year.
I'm also still looking for new name ideas.

EDIT: It won't let me delete hanging on, i guess too many listens. But if u like it and think its atleast somewhat original you can keep listening to it but im going to stop checking for reviews and the score and such.



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2009-09-23 16:26:58


MuzikProd responds:

Nice what? that im deleting things?


2009-09-24 22:42:07

You can't delete it because it was used in a flash. Maybe you should contact that guy if you want to take the song down.

Also, I assume you've already figured this out by now, but that's not a remix. In fact, it's more like stealing. You made some minor changes to the FLP, which doesn't give you the right to put your name on it. Remixes should be made from scratch, with at MOST a midi file to get the notes right.

MuzikProd responds:

yes yes thats y im taking it down