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Posted by MuzikProd - December 19th, 2010



i promise, this is my last new name!

ps: turns out i didnt make a post before saying what my other new names were, anyway, here is my current name

Posted by MuzikProd - October 31st, 2009

I have my new name.
This account is no longer in use.
So long.


Posted by MuzikProd - September 26th, 2009

Hey all,
I'm definetly changing to a new artist name at the end of october so if anyone has any ideas please let me know asap because i want to start getting a better rank on my new account before i start posting any songs.
So, name sudjestions? check back often and post an idea whnever you get one and ill pick my favorite or tell you what my new name will be as soon as i make the account so make sure to check me out when its all set up with banners and all.
-MP (but not for long)

Posted by MuzikProd - September 23rd, 2009

I've taken down Hanging On and Monolithic Remix because of complaints about them not being original enough to be considered my own remix.
I'll be posting new 100% original remixes of these song sometime this year.
I'm also still looking for new name ideas.

EDIT: It won't let me delete hanging on, i guess too many listens. But if u like it and think its atleast somewhat original you can keep listening to it but im going to stop checking for reviews and the score and such.


Posted by MuzikProd - September 21st, 2009

Hey all, I made a purrrrty cool new melo. but i have no idea where to go with it. If u use fl i can send u the flp. and im also gonna be posting the raw melodie if u dont and u just wana gimme some advice.

New name sudjestions are still wanted so gimme some good ideas for a new artist name!

Heres the link. <----- Click it u tards.


Posted by MuzikProd - September 15th, 2009

With the disbantion of Muzik Productions I can finnally make posts about my music and whatnot.
Unfortunetly, this time its bad news... kinda.
As you know, I havnt been posting anythng latly. One reason, no inspiration.
I have one song finished just because i was bored so ill be putting that up and im working on another so you can expect at least 2 songs coming up in the near future.
Anyway, It seems that hanging on is taking a long time to do a RD. 2 of but i assure u it will be here eventually. it also seems that rd. 1 is doing faily well and its score contiunes to rise! w00t.

Anyway, just thought i would letchya kno wats goin on.

EDIT: BTW, I dont like my artist name, its yucky, so im making a new account soon. But i have no idea what to change it to. any sudjestions?

Posted by MuzikProd - July 16th, 2009

*This is the original message and will not be edited*

I won't be using this account anymore. But there is some good to this.

Same name preatty much, only that I'm setting my regular NG account to be "Muzik" and then I'll make my first name Muzik and my last name Productions. I'm doing this because I may have some people helping me with some songs and some of them will be a part of Muzik Productions. They too will have there first and last name the same as mine just with different NG accounts. So untill we get all setup, I won't be making many songs till 2010.

If this seems a tad comfusing right now (and it probobly is) everything will make sence in 2010 when we make the official transition.

I will be running Muzik Productions (duh) and my name in this little orgonization will obviously be Muzik. Some other names there might be are Tunez, Bete Boxx, and other cheasy crap like that ^.^

We are doing this because we want to all have our own accounts to post our original songs. But for colabs we will also be making an account called "Muzik Productions" or we may just use this account for such colabs.

Unfortunetly, I havn't asked anybody to help me out yet. I know some possible freinds might help because I already know they like dance and whatnot. If YOU would like to be a part of Muzik Productions it would help me so much if you told me BEFORE 2010. You can still join after 2010 but it will probobly be alot harder to join and find positions for you. In other words, the sooner you join the better ^.^

If you want to listen to my old songs go ahead, I for one don't like them too much myself but I wont be deleting any untill we decide on using this account for colabs or not.

This would be the part where I say "Thanks for reading" but I'm not going to close this thread. I will keep you updated with new people, and whatnot so be sure to check back once a week or so.

One more thing, this is NOT me saying im leaving NG!!! I'll still review and whatnot so don't think I'm not here! Send me PMs, I never get any and it saddens me.

And, don't post any jackass comments just because you don't like my idea. Just shut up and post not mean stuffs.

Monday, September 14. 2009

Muzik Productions ended.

I see this is not turning out the way I hoped it too. So, I've decided to stay a solo artist for a while.
I ask all artists to remove the MP logo from their name.
Friday, Audust 14, 2009:

DJ-HLS joined Muzik Productions as second in command
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DJ-HLS is negotiating joining as second in command

Thursday, August 13, 2009:

Muzik Productions member will no longer be required to change there name, they are only required to change there first name to Muzik and there last name to Productions or if you are not willing to do that I will make special arangements BUT you must have some sort or Muzik Productions logo in your name, MP in your first or last name is the minimal requirement
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
New feature: Divisions

Divisions are basicly small groups of people in Muzik Productions, they are divided by genres.
Here is the list of Divisions:

Dance & Trance

Techno, Drum n Bass, Industrial, & New Wave


Classical, Ambient, & Jazz

Hiphop (Modern and Oldskool) & R&B

Rock (Classical, General, and Heavy Metal)


(Muzik Productions does not support all genres)


Tuesday, August 11th, 2009:

LK412 joined Muzik Productions
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have decided not to change my account, my level is higher so I will keep this one
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LK412 left Muzik Productions